Sunday, February 28, 2010

No More Personal Blogs(?)

I'm thinking about not writing personal blogs anymore. Will maybe write some political stuff and post cool pictures... but life is too strange / chaotic / even humorously tragic. Too many people I know in real life are on FB now and I don't necessarily want them knowing everything I am thinking about or having to deal with to survive on this planet. I think taking another year or two and then writing a book about Hard Living in The West would be a lot more appropriate.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Utah, Feb 2010

I went to Utah last week to take a Wilderness First Responder course in Moab that was taught by Wilderness Medicine of Utah. Not too many people equate desert scenery with snowy, frozen winters, but the two are quite compatible across much of the Western United States.

This is the "off season" for most outdoor adventure sports in Southeast Utah, but for a traveler with warm clothes it offers a great chance to enjoy spectacular scenery, indian rock art, ghost towns, uranium mines, red rock canyons, and endless views without a lot of unwanted human crowds disturbing the serenity.

These pictures begin along the Colorado river in Moab, go to the surrounding area, then look out a bit broader across the snowed in green river desert before finishing up in and around Sego Canyon near Thompson Springs. Sego is home to several thousand years of petroglyphs and pictographs, as well as the dwindling remnants of a coal mining town (Sego) that was established to provide the Denver Rio Grande & Western rail road with fuel. The town petered out around 1950 after successive fires wiped out most of its buildings.

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