Monday, March 12, 2012


Sometimes a certain picture says a whole lot of things at once a lot more efficiently than words.

You might notice some kind of snow covered expensive houses. People spend a lot of money to look at that view of snowy houses. I do not! I am parking for free in a free parking spot, occupying one, you might say. There is still some skiing, a decent base, a snow storm or two on the way. The last two weeks of March will be busy. But,

I am not focused on that! I am in summer mode. The sun is higher every day and it shines warm! Lately between shifts or during an afternoon off this parking lot is my favorite place to hang out. Yes I should be in the library writing but I have earned a bit of time for me. In the sun, taking my socks and shoes off, letting them feet air out and dry off and come to life in the warm, loving embrace of the SUN! That fantastic thing. That tells me all this snow will soon melt. Just river trips waiting to happen, that's all it is around here.

A guitar! I bought a guitar. You might think that's odd for a homeless river guide with a storage unit full of a music studio he never has a place to use. Ahh... but this guitar is different. It is half the size of a regular guitar, so you can take it on trips. It even came with a case! This will be the summer I finally do the guitar on the river thing. I'm learning a set with a few songs, like "the big rock candy mountain", whose depression era tails of the tribulations and dreams of those camping in hobo jungles cooking over fires and dreaming of sleeping under the stars are very very similar to my own transient homeless aspirations.

Those snowy houses in the shade don't do much for me. Right here in the Marsac lot there is sun! And cups of tea and pots of coffee. And books to read, curled up in the warm air. Gotta love that roof, it's black! Passive solar, and warms up fast as soon as the sun hits it. You might think a black roof is odd for the desert, but even in the desert the sun goes down at night and it gets chilly, so it makes a lot of sense. Besides that's when you usually sleep, at night, and the day time you get up early because there is a lot to do. If you must sleep in you can always crank the windows and open the door to get the breeze circulating.

Lately been planning spring trips of epic proportions, as well as family visits. The dry top and pants have arrived from NRS and I should be all set to get on the river.

See you there!