Saturday, November 15, 2008


Best Halloween Costume:


Sweet Political event:

Boots of the Coup and Camilo Mejia speaking at CU in Boulder, brought there by Haymarket Books and Students for Peace and Justice

After the talks, Q&A, and Camilo signing his book, the sfpj brought us out to eat at a really good restaurant in boulder. We ate buffalo! I got to meet some of the sfpj people and they seemed to be a pretty nice and smart bunch.

Then we found ourselves getting into the Tom Morello show. Tom Morello's solo stuff isn't the kind of thing I'd usually go see on my own, but it was good to see. He does a mix of very, very, crazy electric guitar stuff, and folksy acoustic stuff, sometimes with a band backing him up, and sometimes not.

Even cooler, boots performed on a few songs, and Tom has IVAW doing security for the tour. He brought them on stage and introduced them which I think is a great way to get them some publicity.

Here's Tom, Boots, and IVAW (including camilo):

All in all a pretty sweet evening of activism & music.

Meanwhile in Denver, this squirrel is eating a pumpkin

I somehow snuck into the offical democratic party election night party at the sheraton in downtown. They had free food(!) and I smuggled in beer. The crowd was pretty excited when obama won

Here's me scandelously infiltrating this rather official political event

Across town a heavy set, middle aged man with glasses, receding hairline, and a saddam hussien mustache viciously "reserves" a seat at the Bar of a rather busy Pete's Kitchen at approximately 2 am.

I almost instigate a fight when I tell the third person he's shooed off while I was sitting there that he probably has no right to "reserve" a seat at a bar that long and if he complains to management he can probably take over the seat.

The sun sets purple on Colfax

And I've gotta go, as there's a protest against the gay marriage bans about to happen. This site talks about it but they just re-designed their site to look worse and be harder to navigate. You may also be interested in reading this interview that SW did with Oskar Vidaurre, an organizer of one of the first major post election pro-gay marriage demos in SF.

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