Saturday, February 14, 2009

Better things?

So last time was a big long negative list, let's make a positive list:

-I have a job interview on Monday
-I have an *awesome* part time job for the summer ( I hope the two are compatible!)
-Hanging out with more people lately
-Noodles were on sale and I got six boxes of them for only six dollars!
-I finished mixing the Ghosts.... album
-... and I re-designed the website for it, and added a sweet new photo album section to it
-My cold is gone
-They are fixing the Garbage disposal on Tuesday and I'm getting a different contractor to come take a look at the oven.
-I'm working on ideas for a new live show. One plan would be:

1) write new songs now
2) get people down for live
3) be able to do some mini-tours around this summer

-Free market capitalism is a completely discredited ideology and even mainstream news sources are throwing around the word "socialism":

Also, there are nice pictures here of the winter!

Panorama of foothills in Roosevelt National Forest. "Big Scraggly Mountain" is a great name (click to make the img bigger):

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