Monday, June 15, 2009

Nice Weekend

There was Backwards Records' transistor fest, some of which was interesting (seeing Syphilis Sauna vs Black Cell was rad), but I wasn't at enough of it to do a full review.

Then it got stormy. I went to the Ace Hardware to buy a hacksaw and eat some of their free popcorn and these sirens started screaming. The clouds were very dark. Then a funnel started to appear. It grew and freaked us out but then it disappeared.

Over in Boulder the weather was nice. So I went hiking with this friend.

We could see the storm over the Indian Peaks

We found a Black Boulder Beetle

View of Boulder

I need a new day job. And I have to finish the Savage Ideal live set.

Tonight is Esper Machine. Synthpop band I did a show with once. Nice people from Missouri. At "Degenerate Mondays", at Herman's Hideaway, 1578 S Broadway 303-777-5840

I made myself look spooky

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