Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I am sick and need help making this dinner happen

It is a really strange being sick that is going on here.

On the drive to the Green River trip I noticed an extremely faint disturbance in the back of my throat. As one of my favorite sayings continues to be, "Always Get Caught With Your Pants Up (- Jon V Pleskie)", I stopped in Glenwood Springs for some Halls and Dayquil just in case it didn't go away.

It didn't go away.

I noticed it building the first few steps of that gradual, eventually exponential curve that most notable sore throats in my life have been characterized by. By day 4 it was bothering me and by day 5 it was hindering my ability to function to the fullest of my capacities.

I located and went to the hospital in Moab. The rapid strep test was negative and two days later when I called back the 2 day strep culture was also negative. The doctor had written me a prescription for Penicillin just in case it was strep but he told me not to get it filled unless that was the case. The literature I was given told me most sore throats are caused by viruses, which antibiotics do not affect. I haven't filled the prescription because I don't want to spend money on it and taking antibiotics if they are not totally necessary is not good as it builds your germs' immunity to antibiotics.

I got as far as vail pass on the way home and pulled over at the rest area to rest a bit. I parked in the 1 hour parking area and got out the sleeping bag and the war clothes and crawled into them. When I woke up it was sunset... I started driving back home again and I noticed the sunset was coming from the wrong direction. Apparently I had slept the whole night there.

Today would be the close of day 4 of this mysterious sore throat being a major problem. My ears also hurt a bit and I've had a headache. I thought maybe it was dehydration in the desert when I had a headache- though I didn't really believe that because I was drinking tons of water. The same headache remains, perhaps worse. And I am certianly drinking tons- water and hot tea and those "airborne" things.

There are no other cold symptoms, no congestion, or coughing.

I'm just really tired.

During the nights I alternate between feeling warm and comfortable, even a bit too hot, and feeling cold. I got the extra sleeping bag- comforter out last night to use in addition to the 3 light summer blankets for the first time since it was put away this spring.

Been sleeping at least 12 hours every night. Strange lethargy. My judgment in minor tasks does not seem to be operating at a 100% level.

The problem now, is that this place is a mess, and I need help making dinner. The music equipment, still in its cases from the shows, is on much of the floor space in the living room. The river equipment is on a lot of the rest of the living room and the car seat / couch. The long distance hiking equipment occupies much of the kitchen. There is an extra table there i set up to help prep with and there are trail mix ingredients and salamis and chocolate bars and zip lock bags lying all over the place.

I also spilled some granola on the floor that I had put into my yogurt tonight, and it appears the zip lock bag I used to thaw meat over the past 24 hours has a hole in it and there is a trail of blood dripping from the bottom of the refrigerator and onto the floor. I sprayed that spray bleach cleaning stuff on it but it dried before I remembered to wipe it up with a paper towel.

The kitchen counter isn't a lost cause but there are lots of things on it, like the glass bowl and the serving cup I was using to prep pancake mix. The cutting board is in the sink but it needs to be washed.

The best thing right now, I think, would be for me to lie in that bed, with those blankets, and huddle around a warm drink. It's going to be a chore to make this dinner. I was going to do either meat with rice, or meat with noodles, but best right now for me would probably be meat soup with "better than bullion" stuff, LOTS of the celery, put in at about 20 minutes so it is nice and soft, and lots of elbow noodles, with some split peas and just a few lentils. It's easy to kill a soup by over powering it with lentils or other grains like barley so that might just be the hardest part of all. There are also some onions in the dry box and it would be nice to have some soft, diced onions in there too. I suggest one small potato as well but I don't have a small potato. You also have to be careful with the elbows and put them in last cause if they are too mushy your soup is screwed.

I do not have a girlfriend at this point in my life. If I had one, I would probably ask her to help me with this. That has happened in the past and been really nice. Like when you can say, "_____, I have this sudden, sickly craving for fruit juice, and I need like, 3 different kinds of fruit juice, and at least 1 of them needs to be one of those odwalla things that cost like $3.50 but say they are good for you and they taste really fresh and health." And they just go and do that without asking any questions. If they really like you you can even throw up on their carpet and they won't hate you for it.

I even have two different flavors of ice cream and ice cream cones to put them in. This would be a great, cool, sickly summer even to have someone come over and help build for me and herself ice cream cones which I could then eat one of.

If there is anyone out there who would like to help make this dream of mine a reality while I lay here in my stupor, it would be really awesome if you were to give me a call right now. Even my joints ache... god damn what the hell is this thing?

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