Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Road to Hell is Paved

Looks like another exciting Saturday night of getting woken up at 1:34 am by my drunk upstairs neighbor yelling at his girlfriend. In the disoriented, sleepy, and chilly atmosphere of me not having turned the heater back on the dialectics of facebook have once again inspired me to develop a political perspective for your viewing pleasure...

If I wasn't about to move to Utah to spend my summer being a river guide I'd probably be pissed off about all of this to do something about it.

Okay so that's kinda hyperbolic and sarcastic. But seriously... the problems are so vast... I think for a lot of people the flight or fight complex kicks in and if AT ALL POSSIBLE you can try to avoid dealing with *that trainwreck of an economy/ political insanity* well, generally you do. Hell. I tell you what though... I work for a managerial class of overweight republicans who eat too much fast food and coca cola and who drive shiny expensive cars and listen to talk radio and print out "humorous" cartoons on color printers at work to show each other that denounce the president, Arabs, non-English speakers, and "Hippies" as the reason the world is fucked up. It seems to me the people at the controls are firmly convinced it's fine for them to be ignorant, reckless, selfish and destructive as possible. Even worse they support FOX "News" and Beck and Limbaugh to spread their hate-mongering. These people are like from another planet. You feel like you're talking to a pod-person talking to some of them... or maybe the aliens from "V" who *looked* like humans but were really scaly gross monsters here to harvest our flesh.

You've got the economic structure of omnipotent greed, corruption, pollution, exploitation, etc... out there. It accumulates money at the expense of the majority of humans and the environment. It has proven itself time and again that it is willing to kill large amounts of people and large sections of the environment to continue accumulating money... ultimately for the purchase of such necessities as diamonds, yachts, shiny cars, golf courses in the desert, fancy wine flavors, cocaine, "Private Property: No Tresspasing!" signs, hookers, man-servants, and eventually their own progeny's delinquency. This "They" uses its money to build up a lot of fluffy, well dressed crap like politicians, media pundits, distraction machines, and other control / deception mechanisms in order to keep everyone so fearful and stupid and angry at each other that there'll always be enough idiots willing to sign up for the next war while the low wage slaves at home stagger home safely muttering curses about one another rather than the people who get rich off making them low wage slaves... etc... etc... ad nauseum etc... But at any rate... I think you can make the case that "enlightened" and "liberal" capitalism is in great decline around the world right now... If the first two years of the Obama presidency have proven anything it is that the Democratic Party is thoroughly incapable of (disinterested in?) actually reining in the excesses of the system to the point where the it can be prevented from killing us all. Think Haiti and the failure of the Copenhagen summit. Think people who are paid more than you will ever be paid and who have better (government-provided) healthcare that you will ever have controlling the presidency and the congress and using that power to turn a mandate to fix our wasteful and prohibitively expensive healthcare system into TWO YEARS OF HYPE whose ultimate result is the proposal of a massive tax-payer subsidized giveaway to the very same vampiric insurance industry sons of bitches said president and said congress were originally elected on the basis of opposing?

The day the Democratic Party starts listening to David Sirorta before it listens to the Coal Lobby or the Bank Lobby or the Insurance Lobby or the Israel Lobby is not a day I think any of us are going to live long enough to see. Till then Barak Obama talking about "Green Jobs" is going to be about as meaningful as Democrats in 1970 deciding to back "Earth Day" at the same time they were voting to drop Agent Orange on the jungles of Vietnam.

There is no reason to suspect things will ever get any better as long as people with GOOD ideas, GOOD intentions, and POSITIVE contributions are content to sit back and let the "establishment" media/political/entertainment complex go on telling people what to think. Sure you might know global warming is bad and that Sarah Palin is an idiot but as long as you're not really doing anything about opposing them / building up an alternate political opposition that has teeth and is capable of FIGHTING and WINING a progressive agenda... IT DON'T FUCKING MATTER because intelligence and good intentions aren't perquisites for getting registered to vote. When the Tea party finally gets its head around the joy of pogroms and the demagogues are able to convince enough upstanding graduates of our educational system that segregation is a lot more of a good idea than measuring ice cores in Antarctica for correlations between carbon levels and global temperature... it'll be TOO FUCKING LATE.

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