Saturday, May 22, 2010

That's About Enough Of That


Neighbors. Crazy drunken lunatic neighbors. Neighbors who break into the apartment above me. Neighbor who murders boyfriend and places body in the dumpster. Neighbors who are homeless and drunk and freeze by the dumpster. Drunk neighbor throwing my laundry over the railing begging me to mace her. Upstairs yelling at pretty girlfriend neighbor. Pretty girlfriend neighbor pretending everything is fine being cordial when I see her the next day. Neighbors without air conditioning either. Nice neighbor from Idaho moving in not knowing what he is getting into.

Jobs. Few Jobs. Applying to endless jobs. Going home because there are too many applicants to see the manager that day. Laid off job. Laid off job telling Division of Labor I never worked for them. Division of Labor leaving voicemail saying they deleted my claim. Slimy businessman tip-stealer thief job. Division of Labor does not enforce Division of Labor rules. Division of Labor says to talk to a Lawyer. Lawfirm says we only represent Employers, not Employees. Lawyer says he keeps half of what he wins for us with copying and postage fees taken out of our half. Street Sweeper job. Dusty Job. Pressure Washing Dirty Job. Tired Job. Hospital Dump Truck Job. Book of Job.

Rafters. Alcoholic lunatic rafters... Insensitive lunatics. Drunken semi-combative lunatic rafters. Rafters who loose about a client a year. Rafters make you stand in the cold and like to teach classroom sessions to shivering wet students who aren't given time to change clothes. Rafters from Texas with $50 hat creases. Rafters in the snow. Rafter who fit 3 beers in his Nalgene. My Nalgene Tastes Like Beer. I've Been Yelling at Nothing For Two Hours. You People Don't Exist, Bitches. Get Down Off That Table. Get The Fuck Down Off That Table And Help Me Move It. If You Want To Pass Guide School You Have To Do A Wheelie In The Kitchen. If You Do A Bunny Hop We're Going To Beat Your Ass.

Girlfriend. Girlfriend I care about and decide is important and I want to help and share a life with and to whom I even compose one of my famous academy award winning letters to. Girlfriend I call in favors for. Girlfriend I devote meager resources to. Girlfriend who the internet tells me is "dating" someone else maybe 12 hours after I leave town to attend urgent life dilemma. Girlfriend and sister who delete me from their internet friends and who does not respond to my academy award winning letter. Girlfriend I am different than but care about. Ex-Girlfriend who wants to hurt me. Ex-Girlfriend I care about I need to erase all traces of to move forward in my life.

Desert. People. Good Buddhist Zen People. Laid Back drum playing hippie people. Matrimony Spring-Drinking Nonprofit grant seeking people. Traveling journalist people who don't get it. Pretty coffee shop people. Responsible river people. Live in my truck people. Drunk river people. Sketchy Moab Hostel. Fix bikes and live in a hogan. Simple. Free Meal. Good people. Empty Desert. RV Tourist Hell People. Cow People. Big Family People. Rock art people.

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