Thursday, October 21, 2010

Israeli settlers building 544 new homes

KARMEI TZUR, West Bank – Israeli settlers have begun building new homes at an extraordinary pace since the government lifted its moratorium on West Bank housing starts — almost 550 in three weeks, more than four times faster than the last two years.

And many homes are going up in areas that under practically any peace scenario would become part of a Palestinian state, a trend that could doom U.S.-brokered peace talks.

My favorite part of the article:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has played down the new construction, saying it "has no real effect on the map of a possible (peace) agreement."

Which is really quite true. Zionism is a colonialist ideology. Just because the holocaust happened to you does not make it ok to move somewhere else and kick other people out of their homes. That action is what Israel is based on. To full fill the vision of Jewish Fundamentalism - every bit as dangerous as Islamic or Christian Fundamentalism- the Arab hoards need to be pushed out completely of every bit of the holy land. What Netanyahu is saying is really surprisingly honest. The Israeli state never will, and never has, accepted the idea of a serious, permanent "peace" with its neighbors that does not include for itself all of "historic" Israel.

The Arabs will move out, be chased out, be killed off, and held at bay with nuclear weapons. This is the only "peace" these people will ever be satisfied with.

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