Saturday, April 9, 2011

Drinking Tequila and Talking to a Stick

River notes... from the small notebook in the first aid kit

Deer flies and Hawaiian shirts
Commuting with nature, DEET
Peeling small cuts to catch
And impale upon hooks with, fish

Wish upon Iridium
Backpacks vs river trips
Dabblers and Divers
In love

Taking my chances with the bugs
I really love this river
Wish this trip was at high water
And would just keep going by

WTF is Stateline Rapid?
Stopping to eat my second lunch
Wondering where yesterday's campsite is

Ants in the cookies
Antibiotics and cowboy ruins
Declining reclusive impoverished
Expectations for future deaths

Lying on my pad sleeping bag
In the back of the van
With an attractive young
18 year old geology student
Who can only text message

Over it and not so fresh
Able to let it fade forget it
What it meant

Hostel healthcare
Washing out an eye and
Patching up drunk Bob
Hyponatremia and Benadryl
In Ester's back yard

Hard winter of slightly
Mentally retarded white people
With money
Chili Cheese Fries and
Filet Mignon
Car crash suicide
Social life...

Nice restaurants give me anxiety

In a canyon
1,000 feet below the earth's crust
Drinking tequila
And talking to a stick
A stick I have been traveling with for days

Free in my own way

An informative
And beautiful
Place to loose yourself for a while

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