Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Student Tazered.


When Nancy Pelosi declares that "Impeachment is off the table," for the most impeachable president in the history of the Republic; when half a million Iraqis and thousands of American soldiers have been killed in a war based on lies; when voter fraud and the political disenfranchisement of minorities persists into the 21st century; all the while Democratic politicians fall in line, repeat the lies, don't bring attention to injustice, are on the biggest issues indifferent to both their own oaths of office as well as the lives of their own citizens: it IS right that the citizens should be outraged, and it IS natural that the manner of speaking in which they confront the leaders of this party of collaboration is, shall we say, 'belligerent'. The use of police violence in this case is clearly unnecessary...

To those who might say the kid brought this violence upon himself for the way he asked the question, I ask you how much more violence do we as a nation bring upon ourselves and the world each day we're silent, polite, and complacent, with the manipulations and betrayals of the Republican and Democratic parties.

It's a sign of a free society that citizens are unafraid of their politicians, and that they are unafraid to apply pressure when needed. This video, my friends, is not the sign of a free society. But the seriousness with which the student intents to hold our occasionally elected leaders to account is, in my view, more of what's needed to win one.

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