Tuesday, May 27, 2008

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So I stopped writing on this blog because no one reads it and I just posted on myspace because there I actually know people and they actually read things...

However my MS is set to private because I only want people I actually know there to be able to see all I read and write... however, sometimes I want to be able to share things with other non- MS using people (yes they DO exist!). So I am bringing this site back to life... I'll start by reposting a few noteworthy things that were missed here. Too much has passed since then to go over it all... in brief: I finished traveling and got back east... I lived in New Orleans for a month... I repainted my old apartment in DC and closed the lease though Horning Brothers is a dishonest company and is trying to steal my deposit from me which sucks. Then I did music tour with Bajskorv from Jan-March. Then I lived in North Georgia for a while and wrote some songs and hunted the wild turkey. Then I went to Atlanta for one day to see Abiku's show where I met a very very beautiful French Canadian woman that I spent the rest of my time in Georgia with. However I can't live there... so I packed up one last time and moved out here to Denver, Colorado where I live now. This was my favorite place of all I visited over the past 7 months/ 29,000 miles. I'm very happy here and I like it a lot.

I'm working on some more permanent housing before I set back up the studio and finish the new Savage Ideal album, which D4n from Worms of the Earth is collaborating on a few tracks for (they sound awesome!). In further musical collaboration news I wrote a song, "Annihilation Day" which is the last track on Experiment Haywire's new album. It's fun so pick it up. Abiku has two new albums out, both of which rock... Worms of the Earth's new Album had 500 copies pressed before it was realized that the mastering was totally horrible so those are now to be thrown away and it has to be remastered and repressed. Also I'm not getting paid at all for the track on the Experiment Haywire record as she like me and probably like D4n has sunk way more on her album that she will ever get back... but you should buy it anyway to support her. I didn't invest at all in the mastering or packaging, just wrote and did production on one track.

The last two pieces of all this is that I'm now to be writing for Wounds of the Earth webzine, and Brian Minton from B.E.C., my old post-high school band, is moving from Winnipeg back to Colorado in the fall so we should be able to jam some shit out together.

That's about it. I need to fix my car and the economic stimulus check had a malfunction with direct deposit so I'm anxiously awaiting a hard check. Also there are no Banks of Americas out here which sucks so I need to set up a new bank account with someone.


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