Saturday, May 31, 2008

Wounds of the Earth!

Wounds of the Earth is an industrial music webzine and net label started by D4N B4RR3TT in Baltimore in the early 2000s. D4N has been the leading force behind a few bands such as Worms of the Earth and Ghosts in the Clock Tower, and sometimes plays keys live for Vicious Alliance.

The website used to be located at and older works are achieved there.

However, due to time pressures on D4N and everyone else who works for the zine, it has been experimentally moved to blog format and can be found here:

In addition to facilitating faster/easier updates, this format also allows readers to comment on articles more easily which we hope will facilitate a richer, more horizontal communication across the scene.

Most writers are members of Mid-Atlantic industrial bands (such as Bajskorv, Worms of the Earth, Vicious Alliance) and many more are active supporters of local scenes, in that region particularly but also elsewhere.

Bands interviewed or reviewed thus far include Alter Der Ruine, Autoclav 1.1, Bajskorv, Dahlia's Tear, Embodi, Engelmacher, Experiment Haywire, Glacial Movement Records, Gross Prophet, Lord Leviathan, Project: Wiretapper, Razing Darkness, Re: dux tion, Scrap.edx, Stigmata NL, To Mega Therion, Velvet Acid Christ, Vicious Alliance, Viscera Drip, Xaos, A Crown of Light, Alien Vampires, Circle of the Weak, Dawn of Ashes, Detritus, Grendel, Failed Utopia, It- Clings, Manufactura, Necroanal, Netherworld, Total Pain Kollapz, and many more...

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