Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ammo Box John

"Did I tell you about Ammo Box John from Cisco, Utah yet? That guy does that... he has a wife and 2 small kids and they live in a ghost town the middle of nowhere in eastern Utah near the Colorado river with a yard full of about 2 dozen half broke cars and trucks. The guy is this ex- military mechanic with chicken coups who just builds up cars and sells surplus ammo boxes in three different sizes in the middle of nowhere in this desert where clouds in winter hug the earth and block out the sun and it hasn't been above 15 degrees in a month. His wife says to the kid, 'Don't cry honey, your tears will freeze.'"

Anyways if you need ammo boxes he'd the guy to talk you. There are three different sizes, and he has hundreds of them, for some reason.

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