Friday, July 2, 2010

Great Success

I took and passed the Utah Whitewater Captain test. This means that I am now, officially, a Western Riverboat Captain. This is a great pinnacle to have reached, makes me more marketable, I feel more validated, and now everyone can call me "Capt'n". What more could I wish for?

Well, how about a big fat check in the mail from my former landlord covering my pro-rated rent days for May, my entire security deposit, and an extra $70 for when they withdrew rent twice and I got two over draft fees? Woah, imagine that, just came in the mail yesterday, right after I took the test!

Ok, well, what I would really like would be a permit to run the Dolores River from Gatway, CO to the confluence with the Colorado, and then take that down to Moab. And I'd like to borrow a duckie to do it in. Wait a sec, what's this in my glove compartment? Woah, it's a permit to run the Dolores, and here on the phone is some one calling me to let me borrow their duckie + pump. Sweetness!

In short, things have been going pretty good, and seem to be on a good trajectory. Definitely able to work less and save more now that I am living in a tent instead of a city. I feel like it would be in my interest to continue this trend. I am also working on drinking less beer with hostellians and working out more, and riding the bike for several miles in the cool morning.

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