Friday, January 28, 2011

The Egyptian Revolution

I saw a picture on Al Jazeera of a tear gas canister. It said "Made in America" on it.

The US government continues its own support for the hated, tottering dictator Mubarak, despite the overwhelming citizen opposition to him

The people of Egypt, who are less impressed than Beltway politicians with the "stability" of the government they've been oppressed by for 30 years, are remaking the country in their own image.

This is more than the collapse of a dictatorship. Hopefully it is the collapse of the myth that the US government- Republican or Democrat- ever cared about "Democracy" in the Middle East. They have always preferred predictable "Strong Men" to the tumult of democracy from below.

Concerned Americans should at least be able to summon the courage to call the White House Switchboard and demand a hault to US support for the Mubarak regime. Their number is 202-456-1414 and the best time to call is between 9 am and 5 pm EST. There are also world wide protests at all Egyptian Embassies. Should there be one near you please do your best to protest / disrupt its operations.

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