Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Latest Savage Ideal Gets 7/8 on Side-Line

As you probably know, myspace is not really used that much anymore by anyone, and I hadn't checked the Savage Ideal account in a while. Tonight I am sick with a cold, and unable to sleep. I got tired of playing snood and reading long articles. So I logged into the ms for the heck of it to see how it is doing these days.

Low and behold, it seems I had a message here back in December from an actual person! Sideline has completed their review of Ghosts Dance Lightly on the Puncheon Floor and wrote me to let me know about it. You can read it here:


We got 7/8!

Of course you can buy or download for free the album from Connexion Bizarre.

"Savage Ideal is a project set up by Christian Wright... a fascinating sonic experience where the artist is moving in between the edges of ambient and industrial music. The heavy industrial rhythmic is a rather constant element emerging from the songs. It creates a real outburst of power..."

I had mailed copies of the record out to 5 different magazines that expressed an interest in reviewing it back in July. This is the first review I've got back. But it is a good one.

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