Monday, February 28, 2011

Challenge Accepted

Recently I realized there was 2 more months of winter left.

Then I realized I was finally getting integrated into Durango life. Met some socially and ecologically conscious people, started going to some meetings, found a great professor with a class to sit in on, found a great library to spend time in, got life back together, got a truck, got out of a bad relationship, start back on task with my own research and writing...

Then I realized there was only a month left. Purgatory closes at the end of March. All indications are pointing to a great summer, though there is still such a level of uncertainty involved that nervousness will simmer until all is figured out by Mid May.

These are the goals:

Turn a binder into the life and controversy of Butch Cassidy

Make a geology & Uranium mining binder

Turn all the WFR and Wilderness First Aid notes into a binder. Re-read the WFR textbook.

Read about the Anasazi, take notes on them from the two books I have.

Get a topper for the truck.

Build false bottoms for the truck.

Get a hitch for the truck.

Get river equipment together.

Do 300 miles of river before May 1st.

Mine the Ft Lewis Library for every scrap of data about Utah Hardrock Mining for the ghost town book.

Mine the Ft Lewis library for all their uranium rush history.

Attend water and policy class.

Use my ski pass before the winter ends.

Rebuild the first aid kit.

Do Taxes.

Start an Astronomy Binder.


This is all going to take a lot more self discipline than sleeping in till noon, making food and going to work, getting home at 1 am, reading the internet and going to bed.

Colorado is interesting. But I'm starting to think it isn't for me. I don't make lots of money and live in a Front Range City. I don't smoke pot or drink that much. I don't ski. There's really no one keeping me here by myself. Next winter I might stay in Utah.

I can't wait to get back there...

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