Friday, March 18, 2011

Lybia's Darkest Hour

Will revolutionary Egypt stand by, arms at its sides, while a massacre occurs next door?

Revolutions do not confine themselves to national borders. Despite how many Bonapartist despots masquerading as "revolutionaries" have tried to justify national aggrandizement using this language... it nonetheless remains a fact. Every time, whether through cowardice, indecisiveness, or cynicism, a new revolutionary government attempts to stay within its borders and ignore the plight of its not-yet-as-successful neighbors, the results are always the same: massacres. Often followed by the further isolation, and eventual fall, of the one or few countries where the movement was victorious.

The last century furnished a brutally plentiful series of examples of this phenomenon. What happened to the revolutionary movement in Finland in 1918, or Spain in 1939, or Chile in 1973, is now well on its way to occurring in Benghazi.

Fascism, always, is the price paid by those willing to launch, but unable to finish, a revolution. In the next few weeks, the people of Lybia will furnish more martyrs for the Arab revolution than hitherto have been required. Let all who can assist, assist. Because all who can betray, already have.

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