Friday, July 4, 2008

Industrial keyboardist looking for others with talent, ambition, vision

Music is working for years with almost no recognition. Music is loading in and out night after night and not having anyone come up and try and make out with you. Music is driving from Portland to Seattle to Salt Lake for two shows with no sleep, or for hours through a snow storm to make it to the show on time. Music is watching people you went to school with 'get ahead' and get 'real jobs' and 'careers' that make money while your parents give you shit for not 'using' your degree because your job is simply something you do as little as possible to pay the bills so you can continue to write Music. Music may kill you. But it is one of the most important things that exists and is one of my most important reasons for continuing to live.

If that doesn't scare you keep reading. I may be interested in working with you.

My name is Christian.

I've been playing music all my life. Two main projects of mine since 2003 when I lived in DC have been Bajskorv ( ) and Savage Ideal ( ). Bajskorv played around the Mid Atlantic a lot and toured nationally this year from Feb- March. However think DC is the fucking worst place on earth and no one should live there. I live here now. I like mountains and fishing.

I listen to a lot of stuff. Lately I've been trying to broaden into more guitar and folksy stuff. Most listened to bands lately have been Death in June, Ennio Morricone, Sunday Munich, Smashing Pumpkins, and Gaels.

My favorite music off all though is good industrial music. By good industrial music I do not mean bullshit "I love you and we ascend to heaven" bad EBM crap like VNV nation, or generic powernoise laptop bands that no one cares about or wants to see any more. Good industrial for me is Skinny Puppy (not 2 most recent albums), Controlled Bleeding, Front 242, Mentallo & the Fixer, Front Line Assembly, Wumpscut, and Velvet Acid Christ. I think that Calling ov the Dead/ Fun With Knives, and Bunker Gate 7, were the best 90's aggro/industrial/ebm ever got.

I'm working on some solo work now (savage ideal stuff) but I miss the road, playing live, working your ass off to get paid in PBR, and getting to be cool for 45 minutes every other week or so. I'm looking for serious people with talent and ambition who are up for playing live shows. I'd like to see who I meet if I look around. If things 'click', I'd like to do shows in Denver, around Colorado, and tour around a bit to other cities, in other states.

I do not use VSTs or Plugins. All my synths are hardware and most f/x are too. I'm currently playing a variety of analog mono/poly, wavetable, VA, and digital synths. Other stuff I do is live projections. For the last tour I spent two months collecting footage and editing it into a 44 minutes of backing video synced to music which projected behind us while we played.

I have invested the time and money needed to have good tools at my disposal and I do not have the patience for anyone who is content to sound crappy and isn't willing to work as hard as they need to for the quality that fans deserve. If you're right wing, or will cheat on your girlfriend after shows and then freak out when she breaks up with you, if you expect me to buy everything or pay for all car repairs on the road, or you will not help me when I'm drunk while we camp out on tour and I start to catch hypothermia, please do not waste my time and contact me.

I like beautiful music but for live you need to be hard hitting and able to captivate an audience. You also need to be able to do an interview without sounding like you don't know what you're talking about. If you have musical talent, play instruments or sing, and have a vision for the next generation of post-industrial industrial music, please write me with what you're interested in. If you're left wing/ an activist that is a plus. I don't write meaningless/commercial/bland songs. My life is short and what I write is going to have meaning in it. I pick sides in life and if fence sitting is all you're interested in while the world slowly goes to shit please move on. If you are female that is also a plus because this genre is way too dominated by male led bands.

Let me know if you're interested.

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  1. Hi Chris! I've been shoveling Web for someone who wanna cooperate in sort of electro-industrial for a long time. Such a nice surprise to meet a blog of yours). D'you have a messenger or sort of? Could be useful to chat.