Monday, July 21, 2008

The Most Beautiful Place in America

After thurough investigation, I have decided that the most beautiful and interesting place in the United States is eastern Utah, just across the border from Colorado, Southwest from I-70 between the towns of Cisco and Moab.

Just a few miles into the utah border is the ghost town of Cisco. It's in the desert used to be a watering hole for train steam engines. Then there was some oil and natural gas but when that was mostly gone and the interstate past it the town was dead for good. But it's still got a lot of buildings and is a cool place to wander around.

The desert scenery looks like monument valley where the westerns were shot. It's similar but a little less well known.

Do an search for 'cisco utah' and 'castle valley utah'.

You can camp out on the banks of the colorado river and see river otters and red rock cliffs. There are also the strange natural arch formations there.

Also the La Sal mountains are right there and while they aren't alpine colorado 14ers they do go up to 12,700 feet and are fun, and not too deadly, to climb. Seeing them rise out of the desert with trees and snow caps is pretty awesome.

This is probably my favorite part of the entire united states and the most beautiful place in it that I have found. It's mostly desolate with just some rock climbers and mountain bikers around.

These are Camera phone pictures I took when I was last there in October 2007

Go to Utah.


  1. These are some sick ass pics man, great places to be I bet.

  2. Really amazing pictures and looks so unique and different..