Wednesday, September 10, 2008

All Savage Ideal for Free

(Savage Ideal is an ambient/industrial/experimental project that I started as a solo venture in 2006, when I still lived in DC and was focusing mostly on Bajskorv. I'm currently working on SI's third full length from the relocated Buried Electric studios in Denver. For information on Juan Monarez' post-Bajskorv project Impulse Control, go here).

After weighing the pros and cons, seeing what other bands do, and experimenting with release formats myself a bit over the years, I have decided to release all Savage Ideal for free.

I don't have the time or the energy to make Buried Electric a "real" label, with all the promotion that requires. I'd rather spend my time actually writing music, than working out distribution on a national scale. So for all BE releases from now on I'm doing two things: pressing a very limited number of hard copies with good art for all those interested in such things, and simultaneously making high quality mp3s available for free download online.

My hopes is that if the next album or two are good, and live happens well, eventually I will be approached and seduced by an actual label that feels I'm worth them investing in. If that happens I will be open to the idea of no more free releases, or taking down the mp3s of old releases... but that is so far into the intangible futuristic void as to be not worth dwelling to long on here.

I need to redesign big time... but until then you can download the entirety of Universal Failings of the Human Condition here.

The second savage ideal album, A Thousand Chapters of the World, is finished but not mastered... it may cost me a few hundred bucks to get it mastered before I can responsibly release it for free (see how this works?), and I am currently unable to afford that. As soon as that's possible though, I'll make a big announcement.

Ghosts... is about 65% done. That will be free online, or available packaged for mail order, soonish.

If you like it, go to live shows, and buy merch. Or give me a hug... or buy me some food... or just leave a nice comment saying what you thought of the tracks... that's not too much to ask, to keep me going here.


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