Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Nostalgia Drifting Through the Valley

It's November 2007 and I'm in Arizona headed east all day from Las Vegas to 40 over and on old 66 to Flagstaff then on till I drop just after the New Mexico border. Nothing but driving, through the wide open freedom. Gasing up, coffee, gassing up...

Pulled over on the side of old 66 to make some of them corn tortilla pizzas... the sun was setting by the train tracks of black rock, green yellow grass and cottonwood shrubs.

Towns no one knows or cares about. Collapsing beautiful towns. Tall mountains slowly building to a rise you can see from miles away like a hundred car train in its entirety.

Friendly people in Flagstaff getting a new headlight and motor oil at Small America just in time before NAPA Auto Parts closes I was getting a hamburger next door...

* * *

It's definitely September...

There's a bit of ice on the waterfall and these nights in the car are cold- especially with no sleeping bag (at last count it was still fighting for life from deep within in the chaos of the Little Rock Post Office). There might be a way to make this into a strength, but with how fast the seasons change here it makes me feel old, fast. I don't like it.

There is of course still a month and a half left to climb mountains... but I did the car - living - camping out + outdoors thing for so long last winter... freezing over a Kenmore stove cooking soup at altitude, with night coming along... it just isn't as appealing now!

* * *

Fairplay is pretty much the same geography as Northern Arizona. Sweeping vistas of dusty gold broken by mountains creep up the horizon... great fantastic mountains... And people... There was a near perfect day with people in it to boot.

Just a bit of nostolagia... drifting through the valley. A bit of winter coming on and some clinging to life... The drive in evening up 285 back to Denver is one of the prettiest in the country. And the Mexican restaurant built into that gas station in Conifer was damn good.

I think... I miss driving for hours over hundreds of miles of strange...

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