Wednesday, September 3, 2008


It's been a while since there was an update here. The DNC came and went. I have some stories, some of which is jotted down, and I'll put on here soon. The totally corporate bought out nature of the thing was on full display, which was gross, and my ethusiasm for Obama's inspiring speech was definitely tempered by the amount of setting and cleaning up for lobbyists' parties I had to do. Anyways, at least I did get paid, which was nice for a change!

The past few days I've been just vegging out... there's more political things to do, and a post or two about the DNC to put up. I finally have also finished the gaels review and interview so that should be on the WOTE site soon.

Then there's less than two months before the snow comes. It already snowed once in August, though it was a little fluke storm in the mountains... Anyways, I'd like to get out doors as much as I can before that's no longer an option, and I won't have anything to do BUT music and local denver cultural stuff.

So that is that- I am alive, the DNC came and went, and finally the Denver Post and Rocky Mountain news will have to find something else to talk about! I'm super excited.

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