Monday, September 15, 2008

Walking Away From Dixie + You'll Perhaps Understand

Walking Away From Dixie

I am really edging toward
Forgetting my illusions...

"I must say you look lovely,"
Walking away from Dixie,
The dead body
Turning with so many
Persisting doubts,
And with decreasing

I loved those tragic events of the past,
Punishing me for their mistakes!

At the heart of the
Best questions,
Our favorite side
Accused the other-
Of conspiracy and fraud,
Particularly violent seizure,
Even stealing...

But at the same time,
The tyrannies and
Intrusions co-exist
In an ever-shifting balance,
With an often present
Sense of grievance
Or inferiority.

Choose a stress- buster.
You cannot take revenge,
It's the death image.
Wear that crown with pride.


You'll Perhaps Understand

The most deadly form of fate
Lies in thousands of men,
Looking for villains
In an explosive situation.

When in trouble
A few soldiers act strangely,
Venture in and
(by any means necessary)
Help mask a death,
You'll perhaps understand...

There is a higher price
Emerging from despair.
Look and know one
That will lead to
Irreversible mental damage.
And mocking sarcasm.

But a suicide
Was no laughing matter.

I'm the evil Anti-American.
If I confess
I actually have some sympathy.

* * *

Finally in total darkness
The chances are
Forced out,
Burned to death,
Or asphyxiated.

The country
Has blood on its hands.
Unconscious in
Its deep commitment to
The bleakest of all possible actions.

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