Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Lakes are nice

There is a lake in Wheat Ridge

I tried to see if I could bike from Denver to Golden. Mind you my bike isn't too great... I got as far as Simms & 32nd Ave, after starting from 23rd and Clarkson. I don't know how far that is but it felt far. Anyways it got to be evening so I turned around and came home.... nice thing though is if you bike west around here at all far, most of coming back is downhill.

That's that... the new album is almost done... most of the jobs I applied to were scams... my family thinks I should become a lawyer... the LSAT tests make me not want to be a lawyer... I still have plenty of food.

So tomorrow I am going to backpack into the James' Peak wilderness for a few days and hang out. I don't really want to deal with stupid failing economies, bland presidential debates, people I don't know calling me on the phone, and all of that, right now.

Man this backpack is pretty heavy... but I've been trying to get better in shape lately so I'll see how far I can carry it.


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