Monday, October 20, 2008

National Forecast

National Forecast
It's Kaput
We are moving toward very dangerous grounds
When the needle hits red
You might like
The respected, stinging tentacles
I was under.

For ill-considered American Actions
In the foreclosure machine
Tag along with excess
As you stretch mentally
The politicians are beating
The racist deathbed to give
The usual attack weapons
Against embattled immigrants.

Official Washington is striving
To avoid a melodious howl of protest
And death, from revolution.
I am stricken with shocked, spurned on
And intimidation through the roof
Even if night footsteps on the staircase
Never explain anything...

Fears have built the culture I find so dangerous
And distasteful.
As declining health sweeps you up
In its nostalgic sweetness.

In his book, Coughlin and
A whiff of desperation
Can translate into feeling superior.
The perfect society dominated by sharks
Can disrupt hormones,
Cause allergic reactions,
And damage cells
To mentor an oversimplification.

We are seeing a rise in fascist
Political activity
And violent racism.
All is forgotten.
In a coma
To blur her vision.

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