Saturday, October 11, 2008


Been pushed too far?
I consider escape
Into a Bullet.
My illusions
Leave the realm of the living
To roam the Underworld
And roll away the pain
Of America.

You're invited.

Returning to Heaven,
The rare but deadly
Ladies in the sexiest lingerie
Take faceless marauders
In uncharted territory.
All looked nervously upward,
Close to decision...

We are produced in limited quantities
To deal the heavy reprisals
And to kill
Elite American racism.
We are executing
The insurgency
In a simple tool...

Transform your anger
To bits by a car bomb.
Do it violent.
As a hustler- killer
Enlist gold torches of war.
Plentiful sunshine is
"Amply justified".

Why in the world would prospects for help
Reverse the process?

(this is not an advocacy of anything... it is a poem I wrote from words cut out of a newspaper. I'm trying to understand resistance movements, particularly those against the United States' occupations of other countries)

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