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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Disillusionment with the Democratic Party

The cabinet appointments? The saber rattling against Iran and Pakistan? The continued support of Israel's occupation and blockade of gaza and the west bank? The manifestation of "change" as the re-animation of clinton era free market ideologues?

Usually presidents get inaugurated first, and then start to disappoint the people who voted for them. At least here, Obama seems to be blazing a trail of "change".

So someone on a forum said this:

No one really listens to what hes saying, and no one remembers that idol worship is dangerous, i saw the looks on those peoples faces after he won, they looked like they saw god himself drop from heaven. Also Joe Biden is one of the biggest crooks in Washington and a member of the CFR. Obamas whole cabinet is full of former Bush and Clinton people, including the female Mao Zedong herself Hillary Clinton.

Change indeed... :roll:

People talk about how great everything was during the Clinton years in terms of economics, well the fact is that we are living the results of those years today. All the excessive borrowing started under Clinton, the mounting debt we see is the combination of the Bush and Clinton years. Remember we went through a mild recession right after Clinton left office in 2001. In any case the president isnt supposed to be fucking with the economy in the first place.

And I may add:

Those are really good points. There was economic growth under Clinton, but there were also 40 million people without health care. Most of the new jobs from the 90s were low wage service jobs with few benefits and little security. Most of the 'hi tech' jobs they said we'd get in exchange for exporting our manufacturing sector were themselves exported. Bush accelerated this, but it started before him. Banking deregulation also happened under Clinton (1999)... and he killed over half a million Iraqi children with economic sanctions that caused two directors of the UN humanitarian mission in Baghdad to resign in protest.... Madelin Albright said this was "worth it" on 60 minutes... Oh, and let's not forget Clinton signing the "defense of marriage" act, or "don't ask, don't tell"...

I'm not saying clinton = bush = obama, because they are all clearly different. clinton and obama are more liberal here and there. But they believe in free market capitalism, they're reluctant to confront bigotry in any meaningful way if they think it will cost them votes, and they believe it's ok to use wars to keep the US the #1 power...

I think the point of trying to transform hillary and obama into these icons based on their gender and racial identities was to depoliticize their campaigns. People voted for whatever they wanted to think when they looked at either of these two people's faces.... people didn't vote for their actual politics.

and YES.... making Obama out to be the new che gueverra with this ridiculous iconography is nuts:

It's authoritarian.... I'm not saying Obama himself has bonapartist aspirations, but when you expect ONE MAN to "rise above everything" and fix it all for you, while everyone else in society shuts up and isn't doing anything... that's not what a democracy is.

Well... that's enough of me going off... but as a political friend of mine has said, "voting democratic and expecting it to end the war is like drinking lite beer and expecting to loose weight".


The French Revolution had pamphlets. We have blogs. They're not a revolution but they are a place to start.

In related news... Mark Steel talks well about the French Revolution:

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