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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Of What Standards Fall Short?

Two cut and paste poems from this past month. They're nice, on canvas, with some old cloth border and paint + pastel backgrounds.

Of What Standards Fall Short?

Poor white folklore
In a frayed stereotype.
The debilitating conditions of

The twists and turns of the
Past and Future
Being blended into the
National monotone
of 20th-century culture.

The boll weevil
Stuck in its habits
Of Suspicion

Edging toward forgetting
That there
Red clay path
To the Deep South

Happiness Levels

Happiness levels don't
In shock
As you might expect...

Stomping through the mud,
Not sleeping soundly through the night,
Shifting careers on the run
Has become a way of life.

But don't despair
Opiates bring a
economically viable alternative
to Corporate America

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