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Tuesday, December 9, 2008


It's being snowing, snow is nice...

I made some snowshoes because I was curious whether or not I could make snow shoes. The hardest part was bending the frame around, because you want to use strong, thick enough wood, but if you bend them too hard and fast where they are thicker they snap easy. I found aspen saplings work better than pine... I think tomorrow I will try and hike up to the continental divide around Rollin's Pass and see if they work.

I've also discovered that it sucks to not have waterproof hiking boots while hiking in the snow, but if you duck tape 30 gallon garbage bags around your shoes, leaving only the treaded bottoms exposed, and up your legs (tie em tight so they don't slip down), it keeps you water proof.

Of course the only problem with this is that it makes it hard to change in and out of layers on your legs if you're hotter or colder. If, say, you want to put another pair of pjs or long johns on under your jeans then you gotta take everything off and you'll probably have to destroy the garbage bag to take it off.

There are a few things you can do here to help, like have baggier pants or cutoff shorts that hang somewhat long to slip over if you get a little colder. Also if I have an errand to run somewhere around town I'm walking to it rather than biking or driving, while taking note of the temperature, so that I can get a general sense of how many layers are good for what temperatures under what wind conditions. I'm not systematic enough to be writing this down yet but I have a general idea in my head.

to be continued...

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