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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Terror EBM is Dead

Suddenly it hits you... like, the perfect constellation you've never seen before but on a clear night suddenly aligns in full view before you in the cloudless sky of the late arrivial camping area in Palo Duro Canyon State Park.

Let's see....

Number 1: I get a friend req from this band because I'm on the friends' list of another band they also like but sound nothing like

Number 2: sounds like: "Terror EBM/ Harsh Industrial"

Number 2: This band has three songs on their MS, they are all clips, and not full songs

Number 3: This band has only one blog and it is letting the world know they are ready to get signed by someone

Number 4: The only picture on their site is some generic dark spooky album cover that isn't really scary or anything. No live or promo photos or anything.

Number 5: Background is spooky bloody splatter, and white and black colors... yup.

Number 6: So this band isn't signed, doesn't do live shows, their sound has zero originality, is randomly friend whoring people off more well known band's sites, they haven't got any new or interesting ideas, stories, blogs, or theories about anything... yet I can buy their album with a credit card.

What's worse, the fact that this band exists, or the fact that I could probably be describing any of a couple hundred bands?

Terror EBM is fucking dead.

There are no terror ebm bands with any originality... or at least there haven't been any for as long as I can remember. Mindstrip was a pretty cool album for me as 16 year old to find out about but that came out in 2000! Since then it's only been downhill... and that's really not saying much considering how repetitive and vocally uncreative suicide commando is.

T-EBM vocals all sound exactly the same (distortion + pitchshifter + reverb), and you can't even make out any lyrics, which sadly is usually a blessing because they generally would only suck worse clean... drums are repetitive and uninspired, synth lines are boring and repetitive, synth sounds are un-interesting (at least suicide commando had interesting sounds, though they were repetitive as hell). Oh, but there are some scary sounding movie samples about violence.... OOOOOHHH I'M REALLY SCARED! THAT'S SO SCARY!

Image? Nothing new. Art? Played out imitations of concepts that were beaten to death (better) 10 years ago. The songs? You can predict exactly how it will sound half way through, mostly done, and at the end, within 15 seconds of listening. Fashion? Give me a fucking break... your suburban surplus BDUs and fake blood scare no one in a world where every day real soldiers, refugees, terrorists, and civilians are covered in real blood, victims of real war, and actually traumatized and driven insane by it all to the point of suicide, domestic violence, or whatever else you want to read about in the newspaper every day.

As a consumer of music and an industrial music fan that sucks to see and I am disappointed. As a human I'm saddened, that someone's musical ambitions, and financial aspirations, are so thoroughly mediocre.

Yet they are "available" to get signed! Even worse is that they probably will be. I've seen worse...

Show me ONE terror ebm band to come out in the last four years that is in any way origional, genuinely creepy, or fresh sounding, and is actually enjoyable to listen to in a car or at home. I dare you. I'll buy any of you a can of Dr. Pepper if you can.

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