Saturday, March 7, 2009

Grey Lies Rule the World... music update / an idea

Thanks to mary for a 'what's up' email that allowed this assessment to be created... repeated here for your viewing pleasure...

Soo..... The new savage ideal album is being mastered now. It turns out the label that expressed interest in releasing part of it is flakey and I don't know if it is coming out anymore, which is a shame. Now I have no idea about release formats. Maybe if I make money I'll pay to get like 500-1000 copies pressed but I donnu if that's gonna happen....

There's another album of interesting older stuff that I'm releasing as a split with another artist.... that will be a free download.... interesting music....

The new album I'm sampling a lot of stuff for now... there will probably be a new Bajskorv album but it is uncertain what it will sound like be/about... other than to say it will either be really good or it won't be made at all. I have another idea that I think is pretty cool but might be better off as a Savage Ideal album instead...

It would be a full length sort of about the apocalypse and being one of the last survivors of humanity wandering through the desert(ed) wastelands...obviously something I am very interested in... Soooo... I'm watching lots of spaghetti westerns and post-apocalyptic movies, and spending time wandering wastelands... I have the video camera still ( hey barlow are you reading this? Am I a thief? You need this back anytime soon let me know!) and want to get more ambiance and percussion samples from deserted places, deserts, ghost towns, etc, for inspiration/ambiance/authenticity.... That's sort of the concept.

Such a project would overtly be a fictional album but it is really about the decline of society as we are presently experiencing it, and the fear and paranoia and the dangerous, hyperbolic impressionism and moods that it breeds...

These are a few of the working titles for songs that I am thinking of using:

Grey Lies Rule the World
Poison Strip
My Family Has Been Killed and Eaten
Pink Innocent Children
The Temperature Here is Crimson
A Death Game
The Blind and the Dying Man
What Makes You Revolutionaries?

Other ideas are also being pondered.... There is a pretty long list....

The last track is supposed to be about the curiosity felt by someone (the album's "fictional character", which is really just a reflection of a certain part of my own mind) who has totally given up on anything other than the total destruction of society and the imminent violent deaths of most humans when suddenly one day (s)he encounters those humans who still have faith in the transformative potential of human activists/struggle/liberation... that echo and faint resonance of the old idea that, before it is too late, we might yet gather ourselves together, utilize our resources and strength, and free the science, technology, communication, and knowledge that has hitherto been shackled and squandered by the priorities of war, greed, short term payoffs, back stabbery, and general exploitation... to instead make an actual sustainable, livable world, where we're not all hoarding guns and water filters fighting our neighbors over the last jar of beans.... before it is too late!

So... it's personal... political... has a good message.... but is also, strange, paranoid, dangerous, dark, but with a tiny touch of (fading? preservable?) optimism left in it...

That's sort of the deal. I also want to get a camera to start taking photos, photos of collages, making prints, and getting those out there. I love the way "Grey Lies Rule the World" sounds... the title comes from a Poem someone wrote in a small magazine I also wrote something in... I hope they would be cool with me borrowing it!

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