Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Romance of Age- Old Peril


Eat the bodies of all people slain
Hysterically, with shouts.
They gaze at her as beasts gaze
With a deep, disgusted, revulsion.

The gratification of his favorite passion
Scoured the country.
Our home made cannibals
Take part in a folkloric Ritual

To snuff out this ugly
New Day.


When rock bottom
And alienation rode the range
Hundreds of enemies
And dirty, sweaty
Threats of violence
Ruined his life...

Citizen Django occurred.


Getting smacked in the face with a plank of wood
And a certain sense of- I don't know-
Angst and second-guessing yourself
And that sort of thing...

Have suspended
Our own dreams and desires.

The sudden avalanche of problems
May stigmatize
My entire life
In vilification status.

A man,
Who has a burning desire for the
Extremist revolution
Is now living.


Remain and endure
The vanguard of
This para-military

Great men
And standing on


Far below the Apocalypse,
Swarms of
Existential drifting men
Withdraw their presence
To seek a new Eldorado
In the Far West.

With Wrecked men,
Unhappy men,
Discontented men,
Free men and escaped men,
Men who have staked everything on one card and lost,
Men whose lives a romantic passion has uprooted...

Self-actualized in a time of heroism
And destruction.

If there were frequent
Elements of curiosity and Adventure
Marching side by side with
The hiss of grave delirium,
The romance of age-old peril
At least had a beautiful death.

Moving too fast,
And more than a little crazy,
America dawns malicious
In a ghost-train desert.

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