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Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Apparently the Londoners have decided to trash one of their large banks. That is something to talk about.

Not even a year ago proposing an action like that would seem hopelessly ultra left.... interestingly enough there's probably quite a bit of support for these people now. In "normal" times breaking a few windows seems not to accomplish very much other than allowing a few young kids (and perhaps a few undercover cops) to blow off a little steam... In the context of the widespread outrage against Corporate governments using taxpayer money to bail out their friends who drove the economy into the ground... It sends a real political message. There are, eventually, breaking points...

People push back. Not always in the neatest, most sensible, and pleasant way. But to update a great quote from Maclom X, I'll start listening to Obama and his counter parts in London talk about how we ought to protest 'non-violently' just as soon as he is ready to start 'non-violently' occupying Iraq and Afghanistan.

An article:

I like the "eat the bankers" sign, and whatever other article it was that pointed out how while in London there's CCTV cameras staring at everyone's movement, their government just decided it would be too "invasive" to release the notes from meetings held about the Iraq war in 2003.

I also like the reporting (I'd like to see photos) of arrogant bankers who taunted protesters by waving money at them. Further proof these people are not fit to rule...

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