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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mysticism, Paranoia, This Blog, Brakes, gee whiz!

I've decided I'm going to try and make this blog updated daily. Each week I'm coming up with a plan for several articles and then I will post one a day. They will continue to combine sharp political analysis, practical living suggestions, tales of the great out doors, musical and physical art, and personal updates.

So far this week we have:

-Getting the breaks fixed
-Gun Control, Texas, and Education
-How to Bake Breakfast Chocolate - Pecan Rolls
-How to make Soup
-The Day of the Cloud
-Punk Rock Story

If you like this stuff please leave comments because in the absence of getting paid to do anything artistic, musical, or literary, comments are pretty nice.

It's like this....

"Just Brakes" will give you new brake pads for $99.

I went to them instead of having my co-worker's brother just put on store bought brake pads because the undercarriage has had various disconcerting squeeks since Ashville in January 2008, and sometimes it feels like it doesn't brake fast enough. So I wanted to have the experts look at things.

Anyways, things were fixed and money was paid and man, I'm sorry to rain on these guy's parade, but mechanics are wayyyyy too much overpaid.

The fun part is watching the overpaid mechanic brew more coffee without taking off his oil stained work glove as he rummages about the filters and spoons in the grounds.

The not fun part is that it the weather says it will be a big snow storm, with possibly a foot in Denver by tomorrow.

Of course a new brake system takes a while to adjust, so you have to take it easy on the brakes, and they don't brake as fast. So.....

What are the odds that I will have just thrown this money at the brakes, and then tomorrow in the snow the brakes are weak and there is a wreck and the car dies and all that money has been wasted? This is the kind of world we live in, people. That shit happens in recessions!

There are good things, and we have to make lists of good things. Is it just me or is it that good things just come and go lightly off your mind, but the bad ones stay, dwelling and festering? What the hell?

Not as single spies but in battalions. That's how trouble is looking now. I mean, look at Amanda- she's one of the sweetest, nicest people in the world! Hear how she says words like "Prarie Dog Town" all slow and sweet! She is from Wyoming and is going to be a tattoo artist! Isn't that Adorable?

Well, her cd player AND her bike just got stolen, at the SAME TIME!

I don't think Republicans and the global financial elite are intelligent enough to sow this much terrible luck on this many people at the same time. I think they are getting help. From the Evil Spirits. That's right. Evil Spirits. It's the only logical explanation I can think of. They've definately been in the car ever since the oil pan cracked. I don't know where Amanda's came from, but I think mine came from the South Platte river.

Our plan is that if we have a campfire and mezcal we can burn them out, scare them away, or something. It's either that or drink pbr at dollar tacos and ask the geese in the park what they think. If you know anything about the ceremonies or rites to deal with this kind of thing, please let me know!

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