Friday, May 1, 2009

Stuff I've been doing

This is a random "catching up with me blog".

I was unemployed... then... a scam known as 20/20 communications which hires "door to door" salesmen for Qwest got me to work for them. I thought it was a real job but it was some bullshit and I quit it after one day. There's basically a way to get people to walk around neighborhoods with "Qwest" clothes on to try and sign people up for faster internet. I think they really just exist to repair Qwest's image and give the world the impression that they care about customer service. This makes sense because their former CEO Joe Nacchio is now in prison for insider trading with Enron. Baddd....

None of these people have healthcare and the guy who was training me had only been there for two weeks! That is a bad sign. The smell of burnout and high turnover was prevelant all throughout the entire building.

On the first day of training they sent us to a neighborhood in Highlands ranch that had "no soliciting signs all over it". So we gave up and went back to the office in aurora and got told to drive up to Thornton. Then we have to go back to the Aurora to drop of paperwork. The workday started at 11am and you're to be back at the office at 9pm and then get on a conference call with everyone by 9:30 which can last a half hour to an hour. I was told this job would be fine with giving me a part time schedule. Then they had me scheduled for every day but sunday... the math I did of people on the higher end of this company's pay scale is that they were working 60-66 hours a week for 7-10 an hour. With no health care. And they were paying for their own gas and own car maintainence. But that's supposed to be "ok" because they can write that off their taxes at the end of the year. But almost no one stays there for a whole year, so basically people just get screwed.

One cool thing about this was that I got to meet a nice punk rock girl who also worked here (and also quit). She is pretty but is dating other people. I still get to be her friend though which is cool because I got invited to a fun punk rock party where a grind core band played in the basement and we danced to Michael Jackson.

I also got to ride in the back of a pickup truck!

Now I wait tables and bartend at a nice bistro-y mid eastern place on East Colfax. I'm not gonna lie- sometimes business is slow and that is not fun! But sometimes it is good, and at the end of the week it balances out. I like getting the bartending experiance and between shifts after I clean I can use the wireless internet! My coworkers are mostly friendly refugees from Lebanon and many "activist" type people come in here. I have learned some Arabic, and one guy speaks French, so it's good to practice that. I get to eat lots of GOOD food too, and I'm finally not working for politician / super rich / hustler customers, and I like that.

From this part of east colfax I get a nice view of the sunsets over the mountains at night.

Sometimes it storms

My friend Amanda works at the tatoo place two doors down and often comes in for food and drinks. That's pretty cool.

Other stuff,

There's a huge pile of art on my window sill I have to figure out what to do with. A promoter friend here wants me to play a show soon so I have a week to decide. I miss playing shows but the show is opening for an industrial / ebm / dance band at an industrial / ebm / dance night. So I'd have to write a lot more new stuff for it because the songs I have now are really good, but you can't dance to them, and they'd definately pull the plug on me and never talk to me again if I tried them there.

I'm dating an attractive teacher who reads me stories! That is great. But I think I offended her to do by asking if she'd like to help me with merch for the show. I told her straight up that merch sells better when it's attractive women wearing attractive / sexy clothes selling it. She said no and that she doesn't want to be "sexually objectified in public" by me... which is basically true- that's what would be going on. But I'm still glad I asked now about it up front and was also upfront about the sex selling thing. The worst guy in the world is the one who's in a band and just "assumes" his gf wants to help him with merch, and only asks her like the day before if she is ok with or not.


This is how I take pictures of the art.

whoops gotta roll new silverware. See ya!

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