Sunday, May 3, 2009

Want to Drive to Moab?

I have to go there for something, and it will probably be either Tuesday or Thursday of this coming week. I have to talk to the State Parks and Rec office at some point, but before and after I'd like to explore the area a bit, take some pictures of the rocks and canyons, or maybe even go up to mt pearle. I don't have to be back until probably 11 am the next day so I was thinking about camping out by the Colorado River. It's in a beautiful canyon with river otters.

Anyone want to come along for the ride? It's one of the best ones there is. A lot of the end of Thelma and Louise was filmed around there. There's also a guy who sells surplus ammo boxes out of this yard, if you want any let me know.

1 comment:

  1. stumbled across your life. the desert is an amazing place, i came from the ocean but have come to love the colors, smells, solitude, sand, rocks, sunrise, sunset of the desert. most people miss the beauty of it, you have to be still, quiet in your mind, listen with your soul... there are ghosts here... you can get lost and found and lost again... roads, rivers, caves, mountains, lakes, desert... something new around every crevice... the solitude is healing to the spirit... Valley of Fire is cool... i would have gone for a ride...