Wednesday, May 20, 2009

This is Utah

This is Utah...

You turn off I-70 and drive through Cisco. Perhaps you stop to hang out with the guy who melts car engines into scrap aluminum and buy a surplus ammo box from him to keep your tattooing equipment in. Then it's past the vultures and the dead cows and the flies through the yellow emptiness of sagebrush and sand to the red rock canyons of the scenic route, along the Colorado River, to Moab. 12,000 foot mountains tower over the desert just off to the distance while Hollywood actresses drive off the cliffs in Green convertibles. You can eat at a nice Italian restaurant in downtown Moab, or just cook over a fire, and then sleep out under the stars in one of the campgrounds along the river where some rafters give your their left over PBR to enjoy the evening with.

Abandoned mines litter the landscape and Old Timers may tell you about the heyday of uranium extraction. A giant, mutant spider pursues and menaces the mountain bikers, and after years of negotiations the Federal Government is finally ready to help transport "the pile" of radiation and heavy metals a bit father out from the river it could any day be washed away into.

Grab a six pack of "Polygamy Porter" from the nearest gas station and head over to "Butch Kassidy's King World Water Park" and reflect upon the irony of this world of dramatic contrast, colors, temperatures, and Death. This is Utah...

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