Thursday, September 24, 2009

I am not spending another winter

Looking at want ads, doing gigs type jobs here and there that pay slightly but leave me unstable and nervous, not leaving the apartment cause it costs money to step outside, and going to a depressing dark club once a week to drink cheap terrible beer. I'm also not working for another Denver employer like the past FOUR Denver employers I've had who all lied to me about money and hours... where they hadn't outright stolen my tips.

Today I applied at the one restaurant that posted an ad for servers on craigslist. There was a dozen of us there, sitting at the bar, not even being offered a glass of water by the ice-queen bartendress, and 10 of us left not even speaking to the manager because he did not have time to interview so many people. I'm giving Denver like another week, max, for jobs. After that, there's nothing really tying me here. I'm selling the waldorf, loading up the car, and heading to the ski towns in search of work. If that doesn't work, it will be another state. Probably New Mexico, Arizona, Utah or Nevada. But if I'm going to be broke I'm going to be broke somewhere with a better view than there is available outside of this apartment.

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