Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New Album - Ghosts - Online, + Entire BE Back Catalog

It has been one month short of a year when the last of my tracks was completed... then one postponement and hang up after another... finally... after 17 months...

Mastered and all with some nice contributions (tracks 1,9, & 12) by Dan from Worms of the Earth, you can listen for yourselves + free DL:


Like a lot of people from the South I caught that bug where you get obsessed with the history and keep reading about it and visiting it... naturally I was drawn to the darker / political aspects... which is pretty much all of it. I filled up an entire folder of notes and had written 25 pages without a thesis by the time I realized that every question I had already had a book written about it by someone else that pretty much told me what it was I was trying to figure out. So rather than refighting some old beaten to death literary question of the past, I made a musical tribute to that... region.

The basis was a lot of samples / field recs I did in the old mines and rail yards and natural settings of the mountainous areas... some friends also helped me do more recs in an industrial park in Atlanta and in New Orleans. Then there was guitar and moog... with filler sounds here and there.

A lot of the poems I wrote in the past year dealt in a similar vein... I posted some around here you may have seen.

Also, I just got done re-designing the Buried Electric site at http://www.noisenobodys.com. That's the monkier I came up with in 2003 for self releases. Now we're on release 008, with 009 just hung up for mastering. So the whole catalog is pretty well organized there now which it hadn't been in the past. 003 is PRETTY ROUGH production wise (has some B sides though)... but that was probably inevitable. Everything else I'm pretty darn proud of though.

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