Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Plan

Ok, so I have a plan. I think it will work. Because I know there there is goddamn NOTHING as bad as being unemployed and not having a plan and just staring at the TV or internet to read the depressing trivialities of celebrity gossipy while the bills accumulate, hang over your head, and you put everything off until tomorrow, and you are afraid to answer the door.

There are no jobs in Denver. No one is hiring. I applied to be an industrial window cleaner today and had a referral from someone who worked there and I'm waitlisted for 2 weeks and it sounds dubious. At the lodo restaurant I applied to there were 10 of us waiting there by the time they told us to go home because the manager couldn't interview so many people that day. So I'm going to the ski towns to try and scrounge work around the hotels. I think that will work. And if it doesn't, I'll try another city. There are some nice things about Denver and the front range but I'm not dating anyone, there are no jobs, the music scene is large but shallow and doesn't pay, and the state of political activism is about as lively as my bank account.

First, I don't have enough change left after digging through my seats to pay gas to get anywhere. And I can't pay the $25 parking ticket that will soon double if I don't pay it or the bills. So I am selling the Waldorf Microwave 1. I love this synth. Wavetable scanning with analog filters. Makes me hot. But analog filters don't pay the bills. There's an add for it on the Denver Craigslist. On the very remote chance that any of you are interested just make me an offer.

Then I will fill the car with warm clothes and the camping & outdoor kitchen & survival stuff, nice work clothes, resumes, and food. And find something. Housing arrangements will work out however they will. I'm not too concerned with that. It may be arduous to spend a winter in the Colorado mountains. But I know that no environment is worse than the prison of an unemployed individual's apartment. Intimately. I know. So I will at least have beautiful sunsets, sunrises, and scenery.

For free time I will engage in outdoor activities, and the rest of the time I will hang out in coffee shops drinking good coffee and reading and writing my stories of the Colorado Trail and Hard Living in the West, as well as political propaganda. I will consistently submit my written work to various outlets in an attempt to become a more established writer person. That's the most realistic option I can think of. I think it will work. And if it doesn't there are at least 4 other states out here I'd be interested in living and working in.

The dustbowl refugee had a coal car and a hobo jungle. I have a Subaru and a nice 4 season tent from REI. My path will be arduous at times. But I can't stay here. And the revolution is taking too long. So I have to do something.

The struggle continues.


  1. Don't you have any friends as opposed to living in a tent? I don't mean that to sound insulting or to try to be critical of you. But seriously? Is it just that you prefer a tent? Is it some kind of rugged individualism that you don't want to accept any help? Or is it that no one has offered to help?

    I'm sorry the situation is so bad. It is all over a ridiculous situation actually. A wealth of food and shelter exist in this country but we don't actually need everyone working about as much as they can stand in order to make all the food, shelter + mostly worthless crap they buy. So instead half the people are worked about as much as they can stand, experiencing more constant stress than a human is meant to put up with, while the other half sit unemployed and alone and isolated at home (or in a tent) each day (probably still experiencing about as much stress about being unemployed and not having the face to face social interactions that are necessary for most people to remain psychologically healthy.)

    I hate to see you selling your gear.

  2. I meant no offense.

    I don't get email notifications anymore for some strange reason. So I've had to keep on coming back and checking and checking this post to see if you responded. Because it would be rude on my part to not do so.

    If you don't mind, it looks like you're just going to not respond. So I'm going to quit checking it. So please don't bother responding now.

    I agree strongly with the newer posts and could mention for example a highly relevant book I'm reading... But won't bother commenting anymore on your blog. For obvious reasons.

    You might want to consider closing your comments by the way unless it's just me you've decided to take offense at. Otherwise it's kind of rude to have them open and then just ignore the comments; especially the ones trying to show concern for you.

    Perhaps you also aren't getting notifications of comments? I'll assume the best and wish you good luck your life.