Friday, September 18, 2009

No More Restaurants

Personally, I'm pretty over restaurants. I think they are destroying food. Food should be a high point in someone's day, as it always is in mine, tasty and bringing people together. Instead restaurants have turned it into this hell of exploitation and long hours.

At the higher end you're basically an entertainer for bored rich people that you have to pretend to be friends with, and everywhere else money is worse. Let's see my two last such jobs? Oh yes... pouring wine as the banks that crashed the economy bribe Democratic Party senators and governors with freebees... and the other, working for an incompetent, obsessive small businessman in every worse sense of the word with an overbearing wife and a Napoleonic complex, who highers incompetent / young / inexperienced / desperate (me) people just so they won't resist when he illegally steals from them, but with the end result that food critics give us bad service reviews, business still doesn't pick up and he continues to loose money, thus further increasing his comfortable dependency on stealing tips that the Division of Labor doesn't give a damn about and every lawyer admires the handiwork of while circling my cries like sharks with the smell of blood in the water, anxious to steal the same money from me twice.

To heck with that. Waiting is for the birds. I'm looking at stuff now that pays less but has better hours, less stressful pretension, and will make me feel less complicit in what has essentially become a hobby of the idle rich and politically bought off. As a consolation prize I want to find a nice dinner table and begin hosting free dinners once in a while at my house for friends and acquaintances- both to share my enjoyment of food and in protest of the notion that the only point to learning about food, drinks, and service ought to be to make a profit in off by ingratiating yourselves with the class enemy.

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