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Friday, July 17, 2009

Grey Lies Rule the World

I wish the world away
I wish I was someone who can't relate
Your pity little torture
Burning human insect cage

It's the same thing every day
Different face but lies remain
We are still marching off to war
New weapons knocking at the door

Grey lies rule the world
It's so easy, don't you know
Did you feel the voice beside your head
Telling you this world was ending

Locked up and alone
Do you feel isolation
Like I feel...
We could be hiding in someone

Ill considered actions in the New Economy
Tag along with excess as you stretch mentally
A whiff of desperation can translate into hate
Footsteps on the staircase families accept their fate

When the needle hits red as your mind is want to do
Spurned on offers, intimidation through the roof
Forget the sweet nothings whispered in your ear
Listen all you want, you're learning nothing here

Life in suspension where all vision is blurred
All is forgotten like the tolerance you learned
I know a higher price emerging from despair
Escape into a bullet my illusions and the fear

Where do you run and who do you trust
Disassociation fantesy or lust

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