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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Song of the Saw

"Song of the Saw", the second collab with Dan for the Ghosts album, got added to the player at the savage ideal site:

Dan's noise drums and composition + Christian's field rec's & voice samples.

Hear more of Dan's stuff if it interests you at

The apocalypse sample... Especially for that album.

To the native Americans, to the people in Africa who were kidnapped and enslaved, to the eastern mountain lions and elk who were hunted to extinction, to the big tress most all of whom were cut down, to the air that's choked with poison, to the fish who swim in the same, to the miners who died in explosions and cave ins that killed hundreds at a time, to the people who had everything they owned burned to the ground in 1864-65 in the defense of "an outmoded value"... etc... American history has been nothing short of an Apocalypse. The Southern variant of it has exceeded the norm not only in its level of brutality but in its innovative construction of a mythology of lies with which to ease the conscience of life in such a way.

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