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Thursday, July 2, 2009

No One Can Point Fingers

Check this article out about states' budgets in crisis:

So we live in the world's biggest economy, and state employees are going to be paid in IOU's?

I think this kind of thing is like, the death of the idea that Free Market Capitalism is the only possible way to organize society.

The Schwarzenegger quote is:

"I'm proud of California, even though we have our crisis," the governor said. "No one can point fingers, because as you can see, there are 30 states right now that have their fiscal year starting today that also don't have a budget, so I mean let's not get carried away and just look at California as we are the only state that cannot manage the budget."

He's kind of right and kind of not. No one can point fingers at an individual state's problems because it is a systemic crisis. I think that's potentially a much bigger long term political problem for people like Schwarzenegger and his ilk.

I say we nationalize the Neverland ranch, and use that thing to pay some bills.


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