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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mt Sherman

(click on the pictures to see bigger, better quality versions of them :)

This is neato

There's a huge backlog of pictures from various adventures and goings on... most are uploaded... it's pretty hot in this apartment, too hot to drink coffee even, which is having a terrible effect on my ability to do stuff. I have to finish this music set... and maybe do videos for it... do I need a keyboardist or not? Donnu... but I feel the pressure to procrastinate... and it is so hot in this apartment. The ac doesn't work, and because I took all my clothes off to better deal with the heat, I don't want to pull the blinds up on that one window, so air circulation is limited from the open windows...

The summer around the front range is good for getting out of the front range.

Anyhow, there are several missed stories. I will post them all today, right now. That will perhaps sort of make up for me going to utah again for the next couple of days.

Karen, my goth-industrial hiking friend and I, set out to Mount Sherman where the above picture was taken. It's a tall mountain on the southern end of the Tenmile- Mosquito range. This range is in the heart of the Colorado mineral belt, and mining ruins are scattered all over it.

The drive up was pleasant. We saw elk, deer, and a pretty cool cloud. The sunset turned it pink with lightning in the distance.


The mining stuff is beautiful... though it must have been a hard life. We did his trip on June 30th and that night at ~ 11,000 feet (below several of the mines) was *cold*! There was definately a layer of frost pretty thick on our chairs that next morning, though the Safeway instant coffee and tea did help to warm us up.

Mining ruins along the trail:

A pretty lake from the snow melt.

More mine structure further up

Above the mines on the saddle that connects Mt Sherman to Mt Sheridan there was a nice little snow field, with tracks in it from previous glissaders.

We got to the top. There and on the way down we met a guy and his kid from Indiana, a super fit older guy who had already summitted by 8 am, another super fit guy who hiked up about 2,000 feet of scree from the rarely hiked western face, and three or four ladies with dogs.

This is looking Northwest with the Gore range in the background

Looking West to Leadville

On the way back of course we slid down that snow field. It was super fun... my jeans' butt did get wet but they dried off later that afternoon in the dry, hot air. I walked back up and did it again! Then, I walked back up and did it a third time! Very nice.

Shortly after us the ladies with their dogs came down. One dog was small and was held all the way down!

The other dog, a black lab, was like "To heck with this". He just walked down.

More pictures were taken. Then yummy post hike cocktail with banana coconut rum and pineapple juice, a nap, and the drive back.

We stopped in Conifer and ate at the awesome Carreta Vieja restaurant. This place is built inside of / attached to a gas station, just East of most of Conifer, on the South side of the road. They have good fresh coffee, HUGE awesome chicken burritos, a patio, and THIS awesome sculpted dude (as well as an antique wagon) out front!

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