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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tremont Mtn

This isn't really a story, but there's a cool picture of an ant who's found himself a wing!

A friend and I (same friend from the Mt Sherman trip) wanted to climb a local foothill, so we did Mt Tremont. I was there about a year ago and wrote this story about it. This time I went with a better camera.

Isn't it strange how this grass is *exactly* the same shade of green as the surrounding aspens?

I'm not doing a panorama again, but here are some of the interesting mountains you can see from the top of this thing. We went to the second of the four main summits, so there is no Long's peak visible, but we could see (from Southwest to Northwest) Mt Evans, Grey's and Torrey's peaks, James' Peak, and North and South Arapaho Peaks.

To get to the top of Tremont drive to Golden Gate Canyon State Park and take the Coyote trail up until it levels off and starts to go downhill again. Bushwhack North to the peaks... be prepared for some scrambling up rocks.

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