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Monday, July 13, 2009

New Songs / Album / Live set

The new live set has tons of drums in it... club accessible... more lighthearted.

It's also a rejection of Apocalypticism... which is odd for someone in the "industrial" genre to undertake.

You see I had planned to write a "desert punk" album, about the ghost towns and The Freedom and the myths of the old west and forgotten times and places and our idealization of them, sort of like what I had already done for the east coast with Ghosts Dance Lightly on the Puncheon Floor. But instead of doing that I got laid off, and broke, and I had to sell lots of gear, and I couldn't afford to go to all those places out here that I had researched and wanted to get found sounds and inspiration from.

Before everything went totally to hell I think it was right to write songs like "side effects".... now though that everything has gone to hell reminding people of the impending doom facing their civilization is a little moot... people don't need doom and gloom right now, and the only ones for whom such 'end of the world' perspectives are really attractive are the right wing psychos freaked out about a black president... that nazi who went to my brother's job and started shooting people was like that.... way not cool... I can't think of anything more cliche, unimaginative, and disempowering that to write another Apocalypse album right now.

The conclusion I have reached, that the song tempos / tones / lyrics, etc... reflect, is that when things are going to hell, people don't need artists to pour even more doom and gloom and fear upon them. Banging out your frustrations industrial drumming style is alright... but beyond that we need songs that are more positive, upbeat, and affirming.

You'll either love it or hate it, but I think these songs are pretty damn good. They'll be played twice at live shows this weekend. See you there.

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